Server - Fix MIFARE auth
[tpg/opendispense2.git] / RunServerTest
2011-02-19 John HodgeMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-02-19 John HodgeDoor config settings (and some fixes to doorgroup repor...
2011-01-30 John HodgeSQLite cokebank feature complete, bugfix time
2011-01-06 John HodgeImplemented limits on `dispense acct` and in ENUM_USERS
2011-01-05 John HodgeCleaning up client, cleaning coke code
2011-01-05 John HodgeCleanup work (much needed)
2010-12-04 John HodgeFixing serial handling
2010-12-04 John HodgeUpdated items, set coke port to USB
2010-11-20 John HodgeCleanups of bugs and segfaults
2010-11-20 John HodgeFixing basic cokebank to actually work

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