Ikiwiki backed onto gitosis rather than /usr/local/git
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2009-03-12 Luke Williamshmmm.
2009-03-12 Luke WilliamsBetter sidebar support.
2009-03-12 Luke Williamstest
2009-03-12 Luke WilliamsCustomizable sidebars!
2009-03-10 Luke Williamstime to throw the new design to the irc dogs, again.
2009-03-10 Luke WilliamsMerge branch 'master' of ssh://localhost:29/usr/local...
2009-03-10 Luke Williamscosmetic improvements and removing a bit from the sidebar
2009-03-10 Luke WilliamsCorrected for other types of page.
2009-03-10 Luke Williamsstill have to do the sidebar, but these are edging...
2009-03-09 Luke Williamslast commit for the night
2009-03-09 Luke Williamsminor updates
2009-03-09 Luke Williamsupdated the wrong file
2009-03-09 Luke WilliamsAnd thus begins the slow grind of integrating wiki...
2009-03-09 Luke WilliamsTODO: absolute addresses for media
2009-03-09 Luke WilliamsIt's going to get messier before it gets cleaner unfort...
2009-03-09 Luke WilliamsMore integration work.
2009-03-09 Luke WilliamsFirst let's see it all working together, before spendin...
2009-03-09 Luke Williamsinitial commit

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