Inner step of multiplication in x64 assembly
[ipdf/code.git] / src / graphicsbuffer.cpp
2014-06-18 David GowB├ęziers on the GPU.
2014-06-16 Sam MooreRefactor Rendering of Objects (prepare for CPU rendering)
2014-06-04 David GowMinor perf improvement on nVidia
2014-06-01 David GowFix an intel LG warning by orphaning text memory
2014-04-27 David GowOpenGL 3.1 core profile support.
2014-04-22 David GowHideously useless buffer perf optimization.
2014-04-22 David GowHorrible debug font bufferification. (Sorry)
2014-04-22 David GowSlightly less broken GraphicsBuffer implementation.
2014-04-21 David GowStore everything in a VBO, making things faster.

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