UCC::Progcomp 2012

Note: This page has been updated to minimise frustration.

First, login to a linux clubroom machine, that actually works. Machines to avoid include all of them.

Next, open a terminal and do this:

  1. ssh -X motsugo
  2. cd /away/ucc/username
  3. git clone git://git.ucc.asn.au/progcomp2012.git
  4. cd progcomp2012/judge/manager
  5. ./stratego -g -b @human ../../agents/vixen/vixen.py

Now play a game.


  1. mkdir ../../agents/my_ai
  2. cp ../../agents/basic_python/* ../../agents/my_ai/
  3. mv ../../agents/my_ai/basic_python.py ../../agents/my_ai/my_ai.py

Now, open gedit, and open the file "progcomp2012/agents/my_ai/my_ai.py

Write an AI. Test it with: "./stratego -g -b @human ../../agents/my_ai/my_ai.py"

Also test with "./stratego -g ../../agents/my_ai/my_ai.py ../../agents/vixen/vixen.py"

Keep doing this until you win.


  1. Attempt to use Windows
  2. Attempt to compile the manager program for Mac
  3. Attempt to compile the manager program for Windows
  4. Attempt to get OpenGL working on any computer.
  5. Attempt to get SDL working on any computer.
  6. Attempt to implement the protocol from scratch unless your name is John Hodge.

More information:

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