[PATCH] Handle case where an AI sends an invalid message and then crashes
[progcomp2012.git] / judge / manager / program.cpp
2012-05-05 Sam Moore[PATCH] Handle case where an AI sends an invalid messag...
2012-04-28 Sam Moore[PATCH] Remove arguments, patch vixen, add hunter AI
2012-04-09 Sam MooreMerge branch 'networking' of mussel.ucc.asn.au:progcomp2012
2012-03-17 Sam Moore[PATCH] Fixed efficiency problem with manager program
2012-03-17 Sam Moore[PATCH] Attempted fix for occasional execv error
2012-03-03 Sam MooreTweaking manager/simulate.py, updating manual and webpage
2012-01-18 Sam Moorepause AI in opponent's turn (Temporary)
2011-12-24 Sam Moore[RULE CHANGE] *Victory by "attrition"* + Bug fixes
2011-12-22 Sam MooreChanged directory structure (again)

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