What API do I use?

If you are using python, you should use the python API. But you don't have to.

If you are not using python , your agent will have to implement the text based API. Or you can build on the samples that already do that.

Languages that have Samples

I recommend you download the git repository, but if you really want you can click on the links.

If you want to use a language that isn't listed, ask me nicely and I might make a sample for you.

I've read that, but don't know where to start

  1. Pick a language. Python is recommended for beginners.
  2. Look at the sample agents. Here is the sample python agent
  3. Copy sample and rewrite amazingly awesome quantum chess algorithm of supreme domination
  4. Profit

That was too long; I didn't read it

Read the sample python agent instead.

Policy on Threading and Forking

Don't do it. It is not allowed. Use a single thread like a real man/woman/robot.

This API seems terrible and I want to use threads

Too bad. Write your own competition.

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