qchess is a python2.7 implementation of Quantum Chess


Binary Script (requires python2.7 and pygame1.9)
Windows 32 bit qchess.py
Linux 64 bit qchess.py

Warning: Some things in the windows version will not work.

Warning: The actual competition will be run on linux. If your program doesn't work on linux, you may not be able to enter.


The best way to do things is to use git and clone the repository at git://git.ucc.asn.au/progcomp2013.git. Run "git pull" everytime a major change is announced.

Files and Directories


Compiled Binaries

Warning: I am no longer testing the binaries. I believe the linux binary works, but the Windows binary might not.

If they work for you, that is awesome, but I recommend installing python and using the python script.

You'll probably want to enter in python, since the python script gives you a lot of useful functions.

On the other hand... , if you have problems with an incompatable version of python, try the binaries!

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