Assuming you have obtained qchess, here is how to use it.

GUI - Playing a game

You'll probably want to play against sample agents to learn the game. Or you'll want to play against your own agent to test it.

  1. Start qchess
  2. Choose players
  3. Play / Watch game

Advanced stuff - command line options

On unix systems, running `./ --help' should show you a help file.

On windows (or on unix) you can also find the help file in data/help.txt

Or you can click here

I'll explain some options here anyway, because no one reads help files. Also it might not be up to date.

Output of qchess

If you want to be clever and do something like evolutionary code, you'll need to play lots of games and do stuff based on the output.

qchess outputs lines of the form: `colour [result]'

The actual competition "simulator" is a bash script that runs lots of qchess instances and creates scores for each agent based on the outputs.

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