descriptionUCC Snack Machine ROM
ownerMark Tearle <>
last changeMon, 6 Aug 2018 14:00:02 +0000 (22:00 +0800)
2018-08-06 [NTU]add credit, add 013 debug timer message on keypress master
2018-08-06 [NTU]Change from bzip2 compression to lzip
2015-03-26 Mark TearleAdd BUILD instructions, update README and revise TODO
2015-03-20 Mark TearleAdd IDENTIFY command to report back version and build...
2015-03-20 Mark TearleDisplay "Date Built" in ABOUT
2015-03-20 Mark TearleAutomatically generate version.h
2015-03-19 Mark TearleUpdate TODO vis version stuff ROMY
2015-03-19 Mark TearleAbstract Version out into header file and bump version
2015-03-19 Mark TearleFix bug in ROM vis display of periods on the display
2015-03-19 Mark TearleUpdate TODO with VFD display bug
2014-11-30 Mark TearleAdd list of TODOs for Snack ROM
2014-11-30 Mark TearleRename .cvsignore to .gitignore
2014-11-30 Mark TearleFix compiler warning around strlen not being defined
2014-11-30 Mark TearleRearrange code to work around compiler parsing bugs
2014-11-29 Mark TearleUpdate README to reflect new repository structure
2014-11-29 Mark TearleTIDYUP: Move original ROM and disassemblies to subdirectory
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