MIFARE Login - Add a blacklist of known-bad cards
[uccvend-vendserver.git] / VendServer / OpenDispense.py
2019-11-16 John HodgeMIFARE Login - Add a blacklist of known-bad cards master
2019-06-23 John HodgeSwitch pin checks from filesystem to dispense server
2017-06-15 John HodgeFix another place where logout isn't done
2017-02-27 John HodgeMisc auth fixes
2017-02-20 John HodgeFix MIFARE card enrollment and login
2017-02-19 John HodgeOpenDispense - Fix to actually work
2017-02-19 John HodgeMove MIFARE database to dispense
2015-04-06 Mark TearleFix logging and pin checking in OpenDispense.py
2015-04-05 Mitchell PomeryMinor bug fixes to get it working
2015-04-05 Mitchell PomeryFix up dispense abstraction
2015-04-05 Mitchell PomeryDispenseInterface and OpenDispense Implimentation creat...

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