Add SIGUSR1 traceback (made by jimbo, committed by TPG)
[uccvend-vendserver.git] / VendServer /
2019-06-23 James ArcusAdd SIGUSR1 traceback (made by jimbo, committed by...
2019-01-07 [NTU]2018 ROM installed - revert display workaround
2018-02-05 John HodgeVendServer - Log when a vend fails
2017-12-18 Zack WongCorrected a 'slef' to 'self' in
2017-06-15 John HodgeFix another place where logout isn't done
2017-03-23 John HodgeLog out on reset
2017-02-27 John HodgeMisc auth fixes
2017-02-20 John HodgeVendServer - Set username state on MIFARE auth, clear...
2017-02-20 John HodgeFix MIFARE card enrollment and login
2017-02-19 John HodgeVendServer - Work around display bug
2017-02-19 John HodgeMove MIFARE database to dispense
2015-04-06 Mark TearleRemove redundant code associated with Bernard Postgres...
2015-04-05 Mitchell PomeryRemoved large chunks of unused code
2015-04-05 Mitchell PomeryMinor bug fixes to get it working
2015-04-05 Mitchell PomeryImplimenting the abstracted dispense class into the...
2015-04-05 Mitchell PomeryLast few changes, confirmed working on vending machine
2015-04-05 Mitchell PomeryCreated VendServer Class
2015-04-05 Mitchell PomeryRearranging file and adding comments
2015-04-05 Mitchell PomeryRearrange File Slightly
2015-03-07 Mark TearleAdd entrypoint to for vendserver
2015-03-04 Mitchell PomeryFix bug were cards read before logging in cannot be...
2015-03-02 Mitchell PomeryMIFARE Reader only triggers once unless a new card...
2015-03-01 Mitchell PomeryEnsure door opening triggers
2014-12-13 Mark TearleBUGFIX: Make FortuneIdler work as intended
2014-12-13 Mark TearleReorganise list of idlers
2014-12-13 Mark TearleModify idler selection algorithm
2014-11-26 Mark TearleUpdate pizza supply information to Broadway Pizza
2014-11-08 Mark TearleMove VendServer code up a directory wholesale and rename

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