switch from popen2 to subprocess (fix deprecation warnings)
[uccvend-vendserver.git] / sql-edition / servers / Idler.py
2014-11-08 David Adam (zanchey)switch from popen2 to subprocess (fix deprecation warnings)
2005-05-08 Bernard BlackhamStuff done
2005-05-07 Bernard BlackhamA Greeting Idler
2005-05-07 Bernard BlackhamMake clock blink
2005-05-06 Bernard BlackhamRemove vending machine bootup time. Generate permutatio...
2005-05-06 Mark Tearledocument idlers and slow them down!
2004-12-12 Bernard Blackhamdot fix
2004-12-12 Bernard Blackhamcreate pipe idler
2004-10-01 Mark TearleAdded FileIdler
2004-09-30 Mark TearleAttempt at a fairer idler chooser
2004-09-30 Mark Tearlefortune Idler
2004-09-29 Mark Tearleone shot stuff done
2004-09-29 Mark Tearleadd support for one shot Idlers
2004-09-22 Mark TearleWorking String Idler
2004-09-22 Mark TearleWorking StringIdler (missing cleansing functions)
2004-09-21 ACC Murphyokay... still bugs with StringIdler
2004-09-21 Mark TearleAdded StringIdler
2004-08-12 Bernard BlackhamRandom idler fixes.
2004-08-02 Bernard BlackhamRandomise gray code.
2004-08-02 Bernard BlackhamAdded random idler choice.
2004-07-04 Mark Tearlesplit out idlers into Seperate file

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