Updated snack config to use `dispense iteminfo` for prices (goodbye config file)
[uccvend-vendserver.git] / sql-edition / servers /
2011-05-04 John HodgeUpdated snack config to use `dispense iteminfo` for...
2011-05-04 John HodgeUpdated config locations for new machine (and MIFARE...
2011-04-09 David AdamUpdate for new dispense binary/syntax by [MRD]/[BOB...
2011-04-09 David AdamMIFARE: better logging, thanks to [TRS] I think
2011-04-09 David AdamBack out revision 1.3 & update for new password file...
2011-01-30 David AdamUse an anonymous LDAP bind to search for MIFARE cards...
2008-04-04 David Adamfix uidNumber for three/four digit uids
2008-02-29 Bernard BlackhamAdd enrolment.
2008-02-29 Bernard BlackhamWork from tonight:
2008-02-29 Bernard BlackhamUpdate mifare port. Add function to get uid.
2008-02-24 Mark Tearleadd menacing "FEED ME!"
2008-02-22 David AdamAdd MIFARE interface support, including LDAP layer.
2008-01-06 ACC Murphynote vis pyserial
2008-01-06 ACC MurphyLAT version changes
2008-01-06 ACC MurphyModified to remove direct manimpulation of serial port...
2007-03-05 Bernard BlackhamPrice check on key 9 when not logged in.
2007-03-02 Bernard Blackhamfix bugs and solve world poverty.
2006-04-18 ACC Murphyshift the exit code >>8
2006-04-18 Matt Johnstonuse "give oday $price" so we can prune dispense
2005-09-08 Bernard BlackhamFix autologout bug
2005-08-18 Matt Johnstonforgot a space
2005-08-18 Matt JohnstonPut the slot number after the drink name/price
2005-08-11 Matt Johnstonitem pricing works now
2005-08-11 Matt JohnstonExplicit snack support
2005-05-08 Bernard BlackhamStuff done
2005-05-07 Bernard BlackhamAnd here's a reworking of the idler logic.
2005-05-07 Bernard BlackhamA Greeting Idler
2005-05-07 Bernard BlackhamMake clock blink
2005-05-07 Bernard Blackhamchmod pin automatically. remove boot up message now...
2005-05-06 Bernard BlackhamRemove vending machine bootup time. Generate permutatio...
2005-05-06 Mark Tearledocument idlers and slow them down!
2005-05-02 Mark Tearlebug fixes
2005-04-30 Mark Tearlegrandfather clock
2005-04-09 Mark TearleMajor surgery mostly complete
2005-04-05 Mark Tearlemore refactoring
2005-04-04 Mark Tearlestart of refactoring
2005-03-02 Mark Tearlenotes for later
2004-12-23 Grahame Bowland * DoorClient.py; cleaned up and has an alarm timeout...
2004-12-23 Grahame Bowland * add door client
2004-12-12 Bernard Blackhamremove passwd idler
2004-12-12 Bernard Blackhamoops
2004-12-12 Bernard Blackhamdot fix
2004-12-12 Bernard Blackhamcreate pipe idler
2004-12-12 Mark Tearleadded pizza
2004-12-12 Mark Tearlefixing door logic
2004-12-07 Mark TearleFix the code to connect to the virtual vend thing again
2004-10-31 Bernard Blackhamallow dispensing of actual snacks.
2004-10-31 Bernard Blackhamfix stupid crypto bug
2004-10-25 Bernard BlackhamHack to utilise the serial port. Needs cleaning up.
2004-10-01 Mark TearleAdded FileIdler
2004-09-30 Mark TearleAttempt at a fairer idler chooser
2004-09-30 Mark Tearlefortune Idler
2004-09-29 Mark Tearleone shot stuff done
2004-09-29 Mark Tearleadd support for one shot Idlers
2004-09-29 Mark TearleToggle wraparound logic ... I think it was the wrong...
2004-09-26 Bernard BlackhamUpdate LAT version.
2004-09-22 Mark TearleWorking String Idler
2004-09-22 Mark TearleWorking StringIdler (missing cleansing functions)
2004-09-21 ACC Murphyokay... still bugs with StringIdler
2004-09-21 Mark TearleAdded StringIdler
2004-08-12 Bernard BlackhamRandom idler fixes.
2004-08-02 Bernard BlackhamRandomise gray code.
2004-08-02 Bernard BlackhamAdded random idler choice.
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickreally fix it
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickfix some logging bugs
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickmake syslog logging facility an option
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickmore logging, yay
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickwhitespace fix
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickfix up stupid debug message
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickdeath to stderr and print statements!
2004-08-01 Cameron Patricktweak log priorities
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickdo even more logging
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickdo more logging
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickmake syslog logging work
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickmore cleanups, started on nice logging framework
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickmore restructuring
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickadd daemonising code
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickmisc cleanups
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickadd new command line options for logging (which don...
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickfix bugs in last few commits
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickahh, decserver doesn't always echo
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickadd more debugging to write_expecting_echo
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickstart by reading
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickmisc foo
2004-08-01 Cameron Patricknew 'improved' (i.e. probably not working) code for...
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickadd signal handling code, misc cleanups
2004-08-01 Bernard BlackhamAnother cleanup
2004-08-01 Bernard BlackhamOnly su if we're root.
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickput in a generic exception handler
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickoops
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickmisc cleanups
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickrefactor config file parsing a bit
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickmove argument parsing out into a separate function
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickhandle config parser errors more nicely than just throw...
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickfix Bernard's indentation again
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickthrow an exception after rebooting server
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickcan't readline from a socket
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickmake error reporting a little more verbose
2004-08-01 Cameron Patricktidy up exception handling code
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickfix bernard's indentation

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