use LATClientException not just Exception
[uccvend-vendserver.git] / sql-edition / servers /
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickuse LATClientException not just Exception
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickbe able to reboot the DEC server when it dies
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickadd sample servers.conf to make testing on random machi...
2004-07-31 Cameron Patrickkeep going when the connection to the vending machine...
2004-07-31 Cameron Patrickmove code to connect to vending machine into a separate...
2004-07-31 Cameron Patrickadd command-line option for using a different config...
2004-07-31 Cameron Patrickclean up code a little, in preparation for automaticall...
2004-07-04 Mark Tearlesplit out idlers into Seperate file
2004-06-28 Bernard BlackhamMinor UI tweaks
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamSlowed down for the benefit of the real vending machine.
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamHmm. avoid cycles.
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamFunkiness.
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamAdd sensibility
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamMore fixes
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamUnused module
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamAllow disuse of DB
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamOOps
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamA usable UI.
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamPerhaps a little more sensibility.
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamSilence bug in ROM fixed.
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamD'oh. This was slowing it down like hell.
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamUse config parser
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamOops
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamHopefully make it more responsive. Untested.
2004-06-26 Bernard BlackhamResponsiveness bug.
2004-06-26 Bernard BlackhamUsable but ugly!
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamA UI on the vending machine.
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamStuff
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamStart of asynchronous support - reading database &...
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamSplit this code out.
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamNeed this :)
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamMost common functions
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamInitial allowance of unexpected responses
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamInitial stuff

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