2019-02-25 John HodgeAdd jimbo to uccvend master
2018-08-06 Mark TearleAdd nick to UCC Vend Repos
2018-02-01 David Adamadd me to uccvend [DAA]
2018-01-01 Nick Bannonupdate [MTL] keys
2017-12-18 git hostingAdded Coffee to gitosis-admin and update his key
2017-06-16 Bob AdamsonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-06-16 Bob Adamsonfixed coffee@ucc name in the config
2017-06-16 John Hodge(minor) non-functional change to config file to test...
2017-06-16 John HodgeFix coffee's pubkey filename
2017-06-16 Bob Adamsonadded Zack Wong (coffee) to uccvend
2017-06-16 Bob Adamsonadded Zack Wong (coffee) to uccvend
2017-02-19 John HodgeAdd tpg to uccvend
2015-04-17 David Adamadd uccpass repo
2015-03-23 Bob AdamsonCorrected to hide bob's repo from the webpage
2015-03-23 Bob AdamsonAdded nick to admin
2015-03-23 John HodgeActually add bob/arm2
2015-03-23 John HodgeAdd bob and nick's keyfiles, create the arm2 repo
2014-11-29 Mark TearleAdd uccvend-vagrant Vagrant Virtual Machine repo
2014-11-29 Mark TearleAdd repos for Snack ROM and UCC coke machine PLC code
2014-11-08 Mark TearleMigrate VendServer from UCC CVS to UCC git
2014-11-01 Mark TearleFix typo in config
2014-11-01 Mark TearleAdded uccvend-docs repository
2014-10-27 David Adamadd mtearle
2014-04-11 Sam MooreAdd individual repo for matches' report
2014-04-11 Sam MooreAdd ipdf/vfpu
2014-03-26 David Adamremove gitweb=no, document that it doesn't work
2014-03-17 Sam MooreAdd ipdf key
2014-03-17 Sam MooreMwuhahahaha
2014-01-14 Sam MooreAdd FYP2014 for matches
2013-10-15 David Adamadd rvvs89 to admin
2013-08-07 oxinabox=fix keys
2013-08-07 oxinaboxupdate keys
2013-08-07 oxinabox=added users
2013-08-07 David Adam... remove backup config and add .gitignore
2013-08-07 oxinabox=add user
2013-08-06 oxinaboxFixed some permissions
2013-08-06 David Adam... update frames' key and add him as gitosis admin
2013-08-06 David Adam... add frames\'s key and repo
2013-08-04 Sam MooreRemove keys for matches/MCTX3420
2013-08-04 Sam MooreAdd key for matches/MCTX3420
2013-08-03 Sam MooreAdd group members for matches/MCTX3420
2013-08-01 Sam MooreAdd MCTX3420 Repository
2013-04-01 Sam MooreMade MECH2401 repository for self
2013-03-27 Sam MooreAdd swarm repository
2013-02-28 Sam MooreDone fixed gozz's goof
2013-02-28 Andrew GozzardDone fixed matches goof
2013-02-28 Sam MooreGave [GOZ] access to dispense2 and gitosis-admin
2013-01-23 Sam MooreTurn off debug
2013-01-23 Sam MooreEnable debug
2013-01-12 Sam MooreNew repository: progcomp2013
2012-11-24 git hostingFUCK GITOSIS
2012-11-24 root[SZM] - Add parallel programming repository
2012-08-25 sjyadd 'assetmap' repository
2012-08-09 sjyAdd sjy user and austlii repo
2012-07-27 git hostingAdd matches@ucc for matches/honours
2012-07-25 git hostingChange key for matches/honours
2012-07-25 git hosting[SZM] Trying to setup backups for honours. 2 hours...
2012-01-19 David Adam... add repo for zanchey
2012-01-04 Luke WilliamsAdd [law] to planet admin.
2011-11-29 git hostingDerp derp derp
2011-11-29 git hostingAdded progcomp2012, gave matches & dja write access
2011-10-18 James AndrewarthaI give up
2011-10-18 James AndrewarthaMaybe this will work?
2011-10-18 James Andrewarthahide ash's repository
2011-10-18 Ash TyndallAdded 'atyndall/cits2213' repo.
2011-10-18 David Adam... add atyndall
2011-09-11 David Adam... Move user projects to user folders
2011-09-09 David Adam... Move user projects to user folders
2011-07-12 James FrenchMore than one spelling mistake!
2011-07-12 James FrenchI can't spell, I'm an engineer
2011-07-12 James FrenchAdded HarryMc and radiotelescope
2011-03-28 David Adam... use gitweb flag for gitosis-admin
2011-03-28 Daniel AxtensAdd scandal, the scan processor - refer DJA
2010-11-30 John Hodgeopendispense2: fix typo
2010-11-30 David Adam... Add opendispense2 for TPG
2010-08-31 James Andrewarthaadd spartan as an admin
2010-08-12 James FrenchAdded RSS generator for UCC minutes
2010-08-05 Daniel AxtensChanged progcomp key
2010-08-02 James FrenchAnd another typo D:<
2010-08-02 James FrenchTypo :(
2010-08-02 James FrenchAdded icalparse and now using more sensible key
2010-07-18 git hostingReplaced Frenchie's Key
2010-06-29 Daniel AxtensAdded rvvs89 key; added him to progcomp
2010-06-28 Luke WilliamsEnabling gitweb for progcomp10.
2010-06-28 Daniel Axtensgive shmookey access to progcomp10
2010-06-25 Daniel AxtensAdd [TPG] to progcomp
2010-06-24 Daniel AxtensAdded progcomp@murjan key to progcomp10: (allows compet...
2010-05-03 Daniel Axtenstypo writeable -> writable
2010-05-03 Daniel AxtensRemoved [DJA] from acess2 - I don't need to have access.
2010-05-03 Daniel AxtensAdded progcomp10 repo
2010-03-13 James FrenchRemoved Poddrop (JCF not happy with the code)
2010-02-28 James FrenchAdded poddrop for Frenchie
2010-02-28 James Andrewarthafix key names to match usage
2010-02-28 James Andrewarthatypoed my own key name
2010-02-28 James Andrewarthaadd frenchie to gitosis-admin
2009-10-19 James Andrewarthaadd trs80 to uccdoor
2009-10-18 Luke WilliamsMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-10-18 Luke WilliamsAdded repo for webdispense
2009-10-18 Daniel AxtensUpdate shmookey's key.
2009-10-15 David Adam... Fix typo in uccdoor config

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