To clone one of these trees, you will need to install git, and then run:

git clone git:// + project path.

To push your commits to these trees, you will need to have access granted by a Wheel member, and then run:

git remote add git.ucc + project path
git push git.ucc master:refs/heads/master

To get push access, email Wheel group with your username, an SSH public key, and the repository name you would like access to. If you are not the owner of the repository, you will need to get their permission first.

List all projects
Project Description Owner Last Change
atyndall/cits2231.git Ash Tyndall <atyndall... 12 years ago
dja/scandal.git Scandal, the scan processor Daniel Axtens <dja... 12 years ago
frenchie/icalparse.git iCalendar Parser and Mangler James French <frenchie... 3 years ago
gitosis-admin.git UCC git repository configuration UCC Wheel Group... 5 years ago
ipdf/code.git Infinite Precision Document... 9 years ago
ipdf/documents.git Infinite Precision Document... 9 years ago
ipdf/sam.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 9 years ago
ipdf/vfpu.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 10 years ago
matches/FYP2014.git Sam Moore's Final Year Project... 10 years ago
matches/MCTX3420.git Repository for MCTX3420 2013... Sam Moore, Justin... 10 years ago
matches/honours.git Sam Moore's honours project Sam Moore <20503628... 11 years ago
matches/swarm.git Swarm - POSIX C program to... Sam Moore <matches... 11 years ago
minutes-rss.git UCC Minutes RSS Generator UCC Webmasters ... 13 years ago
planet-ucc.git Planet UCC: a feed aggregator <> 12 years ago
progcomp10.git UCC Programming Competition... <> 13 years ago
progcomp2012.git The UCC Programming Competitio... <> 11 years ago
progcomp2013.git The UCC Programming Competitio... <> 10 years ago
radiotelescope.git Radiotelescope software hacking Harry McNally <harrymc... 12 years ago
sjy/austlii.git User JavaScript to enhance... Scott Young <splintax... 11 years ago
tpg/acess2.git Acess2 is a semi-POSIX-compati... John Hodge <tpg... 9 years ago
tpg/opendispense2.git Yet another Dispense rewrite John Hodge <tpg... 2 years ago
ucc-www.git UCC website in ikiwiki UCC Webmasters ... 15 years ago
uccdoor.git UCC door monitors David Adam <zanchey... 14 years ago
uccvend-cokecode.git UCC Coke Machine PLC code... Mark Tearle <mtearle... 9 years ago
uccvend-docs.git UCC Club Automation and Transa... Mark Tearle <mtearle... 5 years ago
uccvend-snackrom.git UCC Snack Machine ROM Mark Tearle <mtearle... 5 years ago
uccvend-vagrant.git UCCVend Vagrant setup Mark Tearle <mtearle... 5 years ago
uccvend-vendserver.git UCC Snack Machine Server Code UCC Vend <snack... 4 years ago
webdispense.git Dispense web interface UCC Webmasters ... 14 years ago
zanchey/dispense2.git Dispense rewrite in Python... David Adam <zanchey... 11 years ago
zanchey/uccpass.git UCC Wheel password keyring... David Adam <zanchey... 6 years ago

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