2012-01-04 Luke WilliamsChange feed URL. master
2012-01-04 Luke WilliamsUpdated blog feed address.
2011-05-20 David Adam... Applications for Planet UCC editor to planet@ucc.asn...
2011-03-14 David Adam... extra/ upgrade to Universal Feed Parser...
2011-03-14 David Adam... feedlist: update feeds
2010-12-27 David Adam... XMLParse2: add basic support for content:encoded extens...
2010-12-14 David Adam... feedlist: add new blog
2010-08-28 David Adam... feedlist: update
2010-08-13 David Adam... feedlist: added committee minutes feed
2010-03-24 David Adam... feedlist: added new blog
2010-03-11 David Adam... feedlist: added new blog
2010-02-23 David Adam... feedlist: use tabs instead of spaces (?!?)
2010-02-22 David Adam... feedlist: add new blog
2010-01-11 David Adam... feedlist: update blog URL
2009-09-05 David Adam... feedlist: remove some blogs at owners' request
2009-07-30 David Adam... feedlist: add new blogs
2009-07-20 James Andrewarthafeedlist: add new blog
2009-07-16 David Adam... feedlist: fix broken whitespace (introduced in 0ac6801)
2009-07-13 David Adam... feedlist: update feeds and remove 404 from screamingroo...
2009-07-02 David Adam... feedlist: remove 404ing feed, add QDB
2009-06-26 David Adam... .gitignore: ignore generated files
2009-06-08 David Adam... feedlist: add new blog
2009-05-18 David Adam... feedlist: remove some feeds at owner's request
2009-05-17 James Andrewarthafeedlist: correct some URIs
2009-05-17 James Andrewarthafeedlist: update livejournal urls, remove some 404s
2009-04-19 David Adam... header: fix invalid HTML from tab IDs
2009-04-19 David Adam... sidebar: fix invalid HTML from link typo
2009-04-19 David Adam... sidebar link to git instead of CVS
2009-04-19 David Adam... Updates from running code tarball
2009-04-19 David Adam... Updated feedlist as at 20090406 from oracle via davyd
2005-05-12 davyd2005-05-12 Davyd Madeley <>
2005-05-12 davyd2005-05-12 Davyd Madeley <>
2004-11-26 davydCommitted at the Behesh of Frenchie, I haven't been...
2004-11-02 davyd2004-11-02 Davyd Madeley <>
2004-06-27 davydCSS fixes, and sidebar correction.
2004-06-19 davydFix for h1, h2 in body
2004-05-12 davydsee changelog
2004-05-04 davydfooter layout tweaks
2004-05-03 davydlayout tweaks
2004-05-03 davydFixes for dodgy blogs, new feedparser
2004-03-22 davydbug fixes
2004-03-22 davydAddition of new features++, read ChangeLog
2004-03-22 davydCommitting to update
2004-03-17 davydoh my god, the cronny pain
2004-03-15 davydBugfixen
2004-03-15 davydCacheability Improvements
2004-03-15 davydcacheability improvements
2004-03-15 davydUpdated list
2004-03-15 davydThis file is no longer needed.
2004-03-06 davydtimezone corrections
2004-03-06 davydyet again
2004-03-06 davydand again
2004-03-06 davydCSS tweak
2004-03-06 davydcompliancy fixes
2004-03-06 davydbling
2004-03-06 davydAdded proper namespace support
2004-03-06 davydand again
2004-03-06 davydFixed typo
2004-03-06 davydMore updates, changelog has it all
2004-03-06 davydSee ChangeLog some more... more output modules
2004-03-06 davydSee ChangeLog
2004-02-28 davydfixed CSS glitch
2004-02-24 davydFeedlist Updates
2004-02-16 davydShortened time.
2004-02-15 davydDEBUG fixes
2004-02-14 davyddue commits
2004-02-12 davydCacheHandler fixes
2004-02-12 davydtweak
2004-02-12 davydAdded feeds, caching tweaks and sorting feedlist alphab...
2004-02-09 davydFixed bug to do with Nonetypes
2004-02-09 davydtypo
2004-02-09 davydTime fix in XMLParse2
2004-02-09 davydspelling fix and additional feed
2004-02-09 davydImproved logo from Hourann Bosci <>.
2004-02-09 davydSee Changelog
2004-02-08 davydDate string issues, Adrian fixed his blog
2004-02-07 davydAdded Atom XML support
2004-02-07 davydfinal tz fixes, seems sane now
2004-02-07 davydMore time fixes
2004-02-07 davydTime Fixes. Needs work. Blame Adrian.
2004-02-07 davydTime Fix. Still needs work.
2004-02-07 davydFixed crontab
2004-02-07 davydRandom Updates
2004-02-07 davydGot correct IE support.
2004-02-07 davydIE
2004-02-07 davydIE
2004-02-07 davydIE tweaks
2004-02-07 davydMore IE fixes
2004-02-07 davydIE fixes
2004-02-07 davydUpdate for XHTML validity
2004-02-07 davydFixed some validation errors
2004-02-07 davydImproved
2004-02-07 davydAdded crontab for running Planet UCC
2004-02-07 davydAdded further feeds.
2004-02-07 davydAddition of 'Last Updated' tag
2004-02-07 davydAdded icon.
2004-02-07 davydMore updates
2004-02-07 davydAdded RDF Parsing
2004-02-07 davydMore Commits
2004-02-07 davydImproved XMLWriter

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