2010-09-15 Daniel AxtensAttempt at fixing memory mess. master v02.1
2010-09-15 Daniel AxtensWhups; get frenchie->wash v02
2010-09-15 Daniel AxtensFinal cleanup.
2010-09-15 Daniel Axtensset constants in properly
2010-09-14 Daniel AxtensMerge branch 'c-agents'
2010-09-14 Daniel AxtensC++ documentation c-agents
2010-09-14 Daniel AxtensC documentation
2010-09-14 Daniel Axtensdocumentation to support uuid passing
2010-09-14 Daniel AxtensImplemented UUID passing in externAgent and C. Enabled...
2010-09-14 John HodgeFixed UUID string length (curse you python)
2010-09-14 John HodgeMerge branch 'c-agents' of
2010-09-14 John HodgeAdded support for HI command (C can now see UUID)
2010-09-14 Daniel Axtenschanged externAgent so as to never permit more than...
2010-09-13 Daniel AxtensFinal documentation tweaks.
2010-09-10 Daniel Axtensapplied TPG's patch, fixed wash
2010-09-10 Daniel Axtens[Hopefully] final documentation tweaks
2010-09-10 Daniel Axtensfix USINGPYTHON, justify
2010-09-10 Daniel Axtenssome trivial code cleanup
2010-09-10 Daniel AxtensMore documentation; an agents directory for people...
2010-09-09 Daniel Axtensunbroke botched cap on max agents
2010-09-09 Daniel Axtensmore documentation and some cleanup
2010-09-09 Daniel Axtensoption to cap number of agents
2010-09-09 Daniel Axtensdocumentation
2010-09-03 Daniel Axtens[Hopefully] final point table
2010-08-26 Daniel AxtensLet's not swear in the final product.
2010-08-24 Daniel Axtenssmall bugfix
2010-08-24 Daniel AxtensSome docs
2010-08-24 Daniel AxtensUn-accidentally blow away LICENSE
2010-08-24 Daniel AxtensApplied Frenchie's Wash Patch.
2010-07-01 Daniel Axtensunbroke
2010-07-01 Daniel AxtensMerge branch 'c-agents'
2010-07-01 Daniel AxtensCreated arenas - a way of playing off a predefined...
2010-06-29 Daniel Axtenssplit off c agents into created a script...
2010-06-29 Daniel Axtens2008 -> 2010
2010-06-28 Luke WilliamsPulling out magic numbers into
2010-06-28 Luke WilliamsMore debugging output.
2010-06-28 Daniel AxtensReplaced slow pexpect with subprocess.popen which is...
2010-06-28 Daniel AxtensWork towards C SDK (#11). Frenchie is still broken.
2010-05-04 Daniel Axtensunbroke large chunks
2010-05-03 Daniel Axtenscleanup
2010-05-03 Daniel Axtensimplemented working externAgent wrapper
2010-05-03 Daniel Axtenscleanup
2010-04-22 Daniel AxtensDon't forget Frenchie, he'll turn against you
2010-04-22 Daniel AxtensMore work on C sample agents. Learning agents are a...
2010-04-21 Daniel Axtensc-link written
2010-04-20 Daniel Axtenscleanup
2010-04-20 Daniel AxtensImplemented C I/O
2010-04-20 Daniel Axtensinitial import, after some monkeying around

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