2021-09-19 John Hodgetests - Support running as `root` (for CI) master
2021-09-19 John HodgeGitlab CI - Install libraries for test properly
2021-09-19 John HodgeGitlab CI - Fix tests (take 2)
2021-09-19 John HodgeGitlab CI - Fix tests (using `nc`)
2021-09-19 John HodgeGitlab CI - Add libraries
2021-09-19 John HodgeAdd .gitlab-ci.yml
2021-09-19 John Hodgetests - Tweak tests in preparation for attempted CI
2017-02-20 John HodgeServer - Fix MIFARE auth
2017-02-19 John HodgeServer - Only allow AUTHCARD by root
2017-02-19 John HodgeAdd a basic unit test
2017-02-19 John HodgeServer - add MIFARE cards
2016-10-21 John HodgeMakefile - Clean up makefiles
2016-10-21 John Hodgeserver - Handle cokebank errors when dispensing
2015-08-17 John HodgeClient - Fix #8 using another hack
2015-07-27 John HodgeClean up config handling a little
2015-07-27 John HodgeClient - Fix #7 - Buffer oveflow when data cached acros...
2015-04-17 John HodgeServer/Coke - Improved logging
2015-04-16 John HodgeMerge branch 'master' of
2015-04-16 John HodgeServer - Fix inverted logic in enabling/disabling syslog
2015-04-15 John Hodge(bugfix) Insufficient warning level to catch that bug
2015-04-15 John HodgeAll - Rework config API to allow default/optional values
2015-04-15 John HodgeServer - Ignore SIGPIPE (just let it return a read...
2015-03-30 John HodgeFix unbounded door thread creation
2015-03-23 John HodgeMerge pull request #5 from gozzarda/gozzarda-patch...
2015-03-23 gozzardaEnable Admins to Open Door
2015-03-19 John HodgeAdd config to push script
2015-03-19 John HodgeAdd BuildAndPush script
2015-03-19 John HodgeClient - Quit when --help/-h is passed
2015-03-15 John HodgeMerge pull request #4 from mtearle/master
2015-03-15 Mark TearleRevert change to items.cfg
2015-03-15 Mark TearlegsCoke_ModbusPort should be giCoke_ModbusPort
2015-03-15 Mark TearleAdd config_modbus_port option to allow Modbus port...
2014-12-28 John HodgeMerge pull request #3 from mtearle/master
2014-12-27 Mark TearleClient - Document command line flags
2014-12-27 Mark TearleClient - Code to load up config file and set dispense...
2014-12-27 Mark TearleTidy up initialisation in doregex.c
2014-12-27 Mark TearleUse common regex functions in client
2014-12-27 Mark TearleMove Regex functions into common code and header
2014-12-27 Mark TearleInitial move to common config code directory
2014-12-21 Mark TearleNote further package dependencies required for build
2014-12-18 John HodgeMerge pull request #2 from mtearle/master
2014-12-15 Mark TearleAdd client and overall install target
2014-12-01 Mark TearleFix Makefile to add references to sqlite3 and pthread...
2014-03-21 John HodgeDocument account names in manpage
2014-03-21 John HodgeFix position of balance output with set
2014-03-21 John HodgeAllow logging to be disabled, rename 'add' account
2014-03-21 John HodgeServer - Separate account for 'add'
2014-03-21 John HodgeItemdb - Add 'membership' pseudo item type
2014-02-21 John HodgeClient - Fix uninitialised value in 'acct'
2014-01-31 John HodgeDoor - Move thread init to after fork()
2014-01-23 John HodgeServer - Add error message if a bad baud rate is chosen
2013-12-13 John HodgeServer - Fixed leaked file handles in both itemdb and...
2013-10-06 John HodgeClient - Cleaned up subcommands
2013-10-06 John HodgeServer - added 'install' make target
2013-10-06 John HodgeClient - Replaced some magic values/strings with #defines
2013-06-12 Andrew GozzardImplemented new relay and threaded timing
2013-06-12 John HodgeFixed warnings in cokebank
2013-05-10 John HodgeFixed up some error reporting
2013-02-22 John HodgeClient - Allowed menu to cursor onto expensive items...
2013-02-22 John Hodgeserver/door - cleared door serial buffer on open, just...
2013-02-22 John HodgeServer - Disabled snack dispensing, handled by vendserv
2013-01-12 John HodgeImplimented pin checks fully
2013-01-12 John HodgePin checks and disabled account behavior
2012-07-15 John HodgeClient - Fixed funny colours
2012-07-12 John HodgeAdded a manpage makefile
2012-07-11 John HodgeServer - Implimented pins in server code
2012-07-11 John HodgeNoted libmodbus requirement in the README
2012-07-11 John HodgeClient - Added colours and fixed help string
2012-07-11 John HodgeClient - Broke the client out into separate files
2012-06-04 John HodgeAllowed transferring to/from disabled accounts
2012-04-27 John HodgeCoke - Dropped minimum period to 2s (about what the...
2012-04-27 John HodgeServer - Changed logging to note when a test dispense...
2012-04-27 John HodgeClient - Fixed edge case where -coke is interpreted...
2012-03-19 John HodgeServer - Deduplicated PIDfile name
2012-03-19 John HodgeServer - Moved to new door control (via 115200 USB...
2012-03-11 John HodgeClient - Better scrolling (jk and arrows work)
2012-02-13 John HodgeDocumented `dispense donate`
2012-01-31 John HodgeFixes from when the new coke controller was tested
2012-01-17 John HodgeFixed test mode defaulting to on when invalid value
2012-01-14 John HodgeAdded zero-cost testing hack
2012-01-14 John HodgeFixes to new coke code, appears to work now
2011-12-27 John HodgeAdded basic error reporting to coke code
2011-12-27 John HodgeSlight clean to coke code
2011-12-27 John HodgeMerge branch 'master' of
2011-12-27 John HodgeCommenting in server.c
2011-12-27 John HodgeCleaning up warnings in client
2011-12-27 John HodgeDebugging authident, adding new config file
2011-12-27 John HodgeRemoved an unneeded error message from client
2011-12-27 John HodgeAdding new config system, template modbus coke, AUTHIDE...
2011-11-08 John HodgeServer - Slight fixes to coke handler to cope with...
2011-10-24 David Adam... [PATCH] server - make the finger output historically...
2011-10-19 John HodgeServer - Added bac to mark zero priced slots as erroring
2011-10-19 John HodgeAdded finger support
2011-10-19 John HodgeServer - Fixed SETEUSER not checking disabled flag
2011-10-19 John HodgeMisc changes - Fixed coke, shut up boot, fixed disabled...
2011-09-11 John HodgeApplied fixes to AUTHIDENT - works
2011-09-08 David Adam... [PATCH] client - spell amount correctly in help text
2011-09-08 David Adam... [PATCH] server - allow IDENT auth by anyone from a...
2011-09-08 John HodgeThe door, it is fixed
2011-09-08 David Adam... Applied patches from DAA

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