2009-10-30 James Andrewartha20 is still causing in use errors, try 30 seconds master
2009-10-26 James Andrewarthafail less
2009-10-26 James Andrewarthasigh
2009-10-26 James Andrewarthait's always good to assign variables before use
2009-10-25 James AndrewarthaMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git@martello.ucc.asn...
2009-10-25 James Andrewarthaprint debugging goes better with dbus-monitor
2009-10-25 David Adam... client-json: produce slightly more valid JSON
2009-10-25 James Andrewartharemove python 2.6ism
2009-10-25 James Andrewartharemove no longer needed logging
2009-10-25 James Andrewarthaadd logging
2009-10-25 James Andrewarthareduce update rate on error
2009-10-20 James Andrewarthafail
2009-10-20 James Andrewarthaduh
2009-10-20 James Andrewarthaadd logging of status returned
2009-10-19 James Andrewarthause local1.info as it's ridiculously spammy
2009-10-19 James Andrewarthaadd some logging
2009-10-18 David Adam... client-finger: add fake finger client for cfingerd(8)
2009-10-15 David Adam... initscript: added sample init.d script
2009-10-15 David Adam... client-json.py: import client which outputs JSON
2009-10-15 David Adam... client-xmpp.py: import XMPP/Jabber client
2009-10-15 David Adam... xmpp: import xmppy-0.5.0rc1
2009-10-15 David Adam... server.py: use Timer threads instead of single-threaded...
2009-10-13 David Adam... server.py: poll LAT service, based on [MTL]'s old code
2009-10-13 David Adam... client-signal.py: example client that listens for signals
2009-10-13 David Adam... server.py: emit D-BUS signal on change
2009-10-13 David Adam... client-synch.py: basic example client that runs synchro...
2009-10-13 David Adam... uccdoor-dbus.conf: a configuration file for the system...
2009-10-13 David Adam... initial import of D-BUS server

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