2017-07-10 David Adamuccpass: regenerate .gpg-id when reloading keys master
2017-03-06 David Adampass: bump to latest release
2017-03-06 David Adamuccpass: don't assume $USER is set from the shell
2016-06-30 David Adampass: switch to using email addresses instead of keyids
2015-04-27 David Adamshell: don't close the file descriptor, it doesn't...
2015-04-17 David Adamuccpass: use local version of PATH and pass GPG_OPTS...
2015-04-17 David Adampass: add local version of pass
2015-04-17 David Adam.gitignore: store repository
2015-04-13 David Adamuccpass: stop using and just call a spade a spade
2015-04-13 David Adamuccpass: first version
2015-04-12 David Adamadd shell initialisation files
2015-04-10 David Adam.gitignore: vim swapfile
2015-04-09 David Adaminitial commit

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