Whatever it was I was doing when semester got busy.
[dja/scandal.git] / scan2pages.sh
2011-07-31 Daniel AxtensWhatever it was I was doing when semester got busy.
2011-04-09 Daniel AxtensReduce size of bebook output, it doesn't change the...
2011-04-08 Daniel Axtensdo it properly this time
2011-04-08 Daniel AxtensTake out a hack only useful for a particular old book...
2011-04-08 Daniel AxtensMade some auto-detection of work already done work...
2011-04-08 Daniel AxtensBroke my_seq out to its own file (it handles the lack...
2011-04-08 Daniel AxtensImprove comments.
2011-04-08 Daniel AxtensImproved border artifact work; dealing with blank scans...
2011-04-04 Daniel AxtensImproved ability to cope with border artifacts.
2011-04-04 Daniel AxtensFix BeBook optimisation
2011-04-04 Daniel Axtens*sigh*
2011-04-04 Daniel Axtensanother fix. should test before committing.
2011-04-04 Daniel Axtensbugfix
2011-04-04 Daniel AxtensBeBook One arrived. Optimisations
2011-04-04 Daniel AxtensOption to set format. Defualt is now png
2011-03-29 Daniel AxtensAutodetect depth sensibly
2011-03-28 Daniel AxtensDPI support and detection
2011-03-28 Daniel AxtensAdd a border before trimming; this allows it to be...
2011-03-28 Daniel Axtenslinux compat
2011-03-28 Daniel Axtensinitial

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