descriptionScandal, the scan processor
ownerDaniel Axtens <>
last changeFri, 30 Sep 2011 17:20:51 +0000 (01:20 +0800)
2011-09-30 Daniel Axtensa dependency list: working towards a simpler install... master
2011-09-30 Daniel AxtensMerge remote branch 'remotes/origin/ocropus'
2011-09-30 Daniel Axtensdummy commit to try to get merge to work
2011-09-30 Daniel Axtens.gitignore to ignore .DS_Store
2011-08-17 Daniel AxtensDon't try full ocr, it's useless.
2011-08-17 Daniel Axtenschange bebook optimisation to simple trim. still needs...
2011-08-06 Daniel AxtensFix issue where entire physical pages would disappear.
2011-08-06 Daniel AxtensDon't redo binarise if not needed.
2011-08-06 Daniel AxtensDo less with unpaper.
2011-08-05 Daniel AxtensUpdate docs, various fixes.
2011-08-01 Daniel Axtensocropus as soon as possible
2011-07-31 Daniel Axtens-no-blurfilter -> --no-blurfilter Le Sigh
2011-07-31 Daniel Axtensgrey -> gray. Should have tested before committing.
2011-07-31 Daniel Axtensfix syntax error (aborted check)
2011-07-31 Daniel Axtensmajor clean
2011-07-31 Daniel AxtensWhatever it was I was doing when semester got busy.
10 years ago master

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