2020-07-16 James FrenchTabs vs Spaces master 1.1
2020-07-16 James FrenchPython 3 cleanup, updated Facebook Calendar URL
2020-07-16 James FrenchUpdated for Python 3
2013-03-06 James FrenchMinor code cleanup 1.0
2013-03-06 James FrenchWhitespace corrections
2013-03-04 James FrenchDisable Outlook Rules for Facebook
2013-03-04 James FrenchCGI/Local script merged
2013-03-04 James FrenchRevert "Removed functions to do with Outlook ICS Files"
2013-03-04 James FrenchCode Restructure, Merging CGI
2013-03-04 James FrenchMerge CGI code into main branch, this is more what...
2013-03-04 James FrenchLeft debug enabled
2013-03-04 James FrenchCorrected incorrect mime type cgi-1.0
2013-03-04 James FrenchRemoved functions to do with Outlook ICS Files
2013-03-04 James FrenchRemoved Duplicated function block
2013-03-04 James FrenchRemoved Duplicated function block
2013-03-04 James FrenchAdd timezone support to the CGI script
2013-03-04 James FrenchMerge branch 'master' into cgi
2013-03-04 James FrenchAdd timezone configuration
2013-03-04 James FrenchAdd ability to set custom timezones.
2013-03-04 James FrenchApparently the facebook key can have non alphanumeric...
2013-03-04 James FrenchMerge branch 'master' into cgi
2013-03-04 James FrenchFacebook Organiser Fix & iCal Workaround
2013-03-04 James FrenchInput sanitisation
2013-03-04 James FrenchNew CGI Script
2013-03-04 James Frenchignoring a couple more files
2011-06-15 James FrenchLeft in some erroneous Print Statements
2011-06-15 James FrenchOutlook improvements
2011-06-14 James FrenchParser rules update.
2011-06-13 James Frenchre-added license (whoops). Copyright this year 0.8 version-0.8
2011-06-13 James FrenchVobject implementation
2011-06-13 James FrenchBeginning of a series of changes to use vobject
2010-08-05 James FrenchMuch more robust about handling Content-Type 0.7.2 version-0.7.2
2010-08-05 James FrenchHandles MIME encodings from FTP now too
2010-08-03 James FrenchUnicode support for urllib2/http
2010-08-03 James FrenchMuch better unicode support
2010-08-03 James FrenchRemoved erroneous comments
2010-08-03 James Frenchhttplib2 passes remote encoding (if any) through
2010-08-02 James FrenchFixed missing length parameter 0.7.1 version-0.7.1
2010-08-02 James FrenchA step closer to real unicode support
2010-08-02 James FrenchBetter unicode support as per the RFC(s)
2010-08-02 James Frenchlost a line break in the license for
2010-08-02 James FrenchSome cleanup
2010-08-02 James FrenchWrite output, ready for primetime 0.7 version-0.7
2010-08-02 James FrenchAdded License message to parserrules
2010-08-02 James FrenchMore efficient lineFolder implementation
2010-08-02 James FrenchRejoins fields into lines ready to be folded
2010-08-02 James FrenchRules implemented
2010-08-02 James FrenchLoads rules from a source file
2010-08-02 James FrenchSplits in prep for running the rules
2010-08-02 James FrenchAdded
2010-08-02 James FrenchAdded .gitignore
2010-08-02 James FrenchCatching some more exceptions
2010-08-02 James FrenchFixed the unfold function
2010-08-02 James FrenchChecks for the correct opening stanza
2010-08-02 James FrenchURLs open much more robustly now
2010-08-01 James FrenchRemoved depricated regular expression
2010-08-01 James FrenchComment cleaup, added function
2010-08-01 James FrenchMuch simplified unfolding function
2010-08-01 James FrenchBug fix: Properly reads from stdin
2010-08-01 James FrenchNow parses urls/files okay
2010-08-01 James FrenchReplaced getopt with optparse (which will need to be...
2010-08-01 James FrenchInitial Commit, includes folding and unfolding lines

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