2011-12-20 Sam MooreWhoops
2011-12-20 Sam MooreSmall changes to several things
2011-12-13 Sam MooreStill working on .html results files
2011-12-12 Sam MooreStopped "newline creep" in .html files
2011-12-12 Sam MooreContinuing with prettified results
2011-12-12 Samuel MooreImproved
2011-12-12 Samuel MooreMinor changes to webpage
2011-12-11 Sam MooreFixed bugs, minor changes
2011-12-08 Samuel MooreFixed broken link in webpage
2011-12-08 Sam MooreThe /home was not necessary
2011-12-08 Sam MooreChanged the directory structure.
2011-12-08 Sam MooreFixed segfault in manager program
2011-12-07 Sam MooreModified manager program, updated website
2011-12-07 Sam MooreModified manager output/protocol, added "basic" AI...
2011-12-05 Sam MooreWrote python script to simulate a round
2011-12-05 Sam MooreFixed error in due to stupidity
2011-12-04 Sam MooreAdded a python sample agent
2011-12-03 Sam MooreFixed broken links in webpage
2011-12-03 Sam MooreMore adding of pointless crap to manager
2011-12-03 Sam MooreRevamped manager program and added manual page
2011-12-02 Sam MooreFixed "forfax" sample AI
2011-12-01 Sam MooreMostly messing with "forfax" AI
2011-11-30 Sam MooreModified Turn Response Protocol, added handling for...
2011-11-29 Sam MooreFirst actual commit
2011-11-29 Sam MooreMore testing than is perhaps necessary
2011-11-29 Samuel MooreThis is a test

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