descriptionUCCVend Vagrant setup
ownerMark Tearle <>
last changeFri, 31 Aug 2018 15:39:13 +0000 (16:39 +0100)
2018-08-31 Mark TearleInstall lzip package to enable snackrom build process master
2018-08-20 Mark TearleAdd config file templates for dispense and vendserver...
2015-04-27 Mark TearleAdd tmux to RunTestEnvironment (initial scaffold)
2015-04-06 Mark TearleSet up accounts and balances
2015-03-29 Mark TearleUpdate TODO
2015-03-29 Mark TearleInitial scaffold for test scripts
2015-03-29 Mark TearleRemoved completed items from TODO list
2015-03-15 Mark TearleUpdate to add virtualcoke
2015-03-07 Mark TearleUpdate TODO list (entrypoints)
2015-02-07 Mark TearleAdd pidentd to dispense manifest
2015-02-07 Mark TearleUpdate TODO list with additional tasks
2015-01-03 Mark TearleAdd default configs for dispense client and server
2014-12-15 Mark TearleChange dispense git repo to pull against
2014-12-06 Mark TearleAdd TODO
2014-12-05 Mark TearleAdd vendserver
2014-11-30 Mark TearleAdd opendispense2
4 years ago master

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