descriptionUCC Snack Machine Server Code
ownerUCC Vend <>
last changeSat, 16 Nov 2019 06:59:38 +0000 (14:59 +0800)
2019-11-16 John HodgeMIFARE Login - Add a blacklist of known-bad cards master
2019-06-23 James ArcusAdd SIGUSR1 traceback (made by jimbo, committed by...
2019-06-23 John HodgeSwitch pin checks from filesystem to dispense server
2019-01-07 [NTU]2018 ROM installed - revert display workaround
2018-02-05 John HodgeVendServer - Log when a vend fails
2018-02-01 David AdamMIFARE: compatibility with PySerial 3
2017-12-18 Zack WongCorrected a 'slef' to 'self' in
2017-06-15 John HodgeFix another place where logout isn't done
2017-03-23 John HodgeLog out on reset
2017-02-27 John HodgeMisc auth fixes
2017-02-20 John HodgeVendServer - Set username state on MIFARE auth, clear...
2017-02-20 John HodgeFix MIFARE card enrollment and login
2017-02-19 John HodgeVendServer - Work around display bug
2017-02-19 John HodgeOpenDispense - Fix to actually work
2017-02-19 John HodgeBump version number
2017-02-19 John HodgeMove MIFARE database to dispense
8 years ago HACK-SLAH-BURN-ENDS Finished removing redundant code
8 years ago HACK-SLASH-BURN-BEGINS Removal of redundant code from...
8 years ago UPLOAD-TO-UCCGIT Ready for upload to UCC git
8 years ago IMPORT-FROM-UCCCVS This is the repository as it was...
3 years ago master
3 years ago signal-traceback
8 years ago vendserver-python-packaging

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