// there is no elegance here. only sleep deprivation and regret.
[ipdf/code.git] / src / bezier.cpp
2014-09-04 David Gow// there is no elegance here. only sleep deprivation...
2014-09-01 Sam MooreClassify Beziers, use DeCasteljau for CPU renderer
2014-08-28 Sam MooreCareful, you may have to shade your eyes
2014-08-26 Sam MooreA Song of Floodfills and Segfaults
2014-08-18 Sam MooreMerge branch 'master' of git.ucc.asn.au:/ipdf/code
2014-08-18 Sam MooreGo nuts with Qt
2014-08-14 Sam MooreAttempt Shading + Bezier Bounds (hopefully) correct
2014-08-14 Sam MooreBezier bounds rectangles are calculated correctly
2014-08-05 David GowFix beziers on GPU.
2014-08-03 Sam MooreRemove terrible "pow()" functions
2014-06-18 Sam MooreBéziers

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