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2014-10-27 Sam MooreTHE FINAL COUNTDOWN master
2014-10-26 Sam MoorePenultimate draft
2014-10-21 Sam MooreDrafted into submission
2014-10-21 Sam MooreCommit things
2014-10-12 Sam MooreMore presentation, also videos
2014-10-10 Sam MooreA 1.5th order approximation to a 1st draft
2014-10-09 Sam MooreIt resembles a first approximation to a rough draft...
2014-10-08 Sam MooreRestructure chapters, delete a bunch of words, add...
2014-10-05 Sam MooreLast commit of Lit Review
2014-07-04 Sam MooreMinor fixes to Lit Review
2014-05-29 Sam MooreMerge branch 'master' of
2014-05-29 Sam MooreKoch's snowflake, now in PostScript!
2014-05-23 Sam MooreSubmission time
2014-05-23 Sam MooreARGH
2014-05-23 Sam MooreThe inevitable doom approaches
2014-05-22 Sam MooreI mean it this time I am going to sleep
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