2013-03-14 Sam MooreActually commit stuff from ages ago
2013-03-09 Sam MooreForce people to play Qchess
2013-03-05 Sam MooreAdded Fortran sample Agent
2013-02-28 Sam MooreStuff happened
2013-02-28 Sam MooreAdd explanation of Board.pieces
2013-02-28 Sam MooreFix bugs and documentate stuff
2013-02-25 Sam MooreAdded C++ agent
2013-02-19 Sam MooreFix gt/lt signs in agent_text.html
2013-02-18 Sam MooreUpdate website a bit
2013-02-12 Sam MooreGetting ready to run rounds
2013-01-31 Sam MooreMessing with log files
2013-01-30 Sam MooreIt works!
2013-01-30 Sam MooreI think I just borked things...
2013-01-30 Sam MooreThere's probably a better way of doing this...
2013-01-30 Sam MooreTry again
2013-01-30 Sam MooreMake sure the board reflects the state BEFORE the move...
2013-01-30 Sam MooreFeature creep in log files
2013-01-30 Sam MooreStarted work on website
2013-01-29 Sam MooreAdded sample agent + log file writing/parsing
2013-01-29 Sam MooreProgress?
2013-01-28 Sam MooreProbably important...
2013-01-28 Sam MooreSelf inflicted wounds using cx_freeze
2013-01-24 Sam MooreLots of stuff happened
2013-01-23 Sam MooreMostly networking
2013-01-23 Sam MooreFix qchess/
2013-01-23 Sam MooreInitial Commit

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