2018-08-06 [NTU]add credit, add 013 debug timer message on keypress master
2018-08-06 [NTU]Change from bzip2 compression to lzip
2015-03-26 Mark TearleAdd BUILD instructions, update README and revise TODO
2015-03-20 Mark TearleAdd IDENTIFY command to report back version and build...
2015-03-20 Mark TearleDisplay "Date Built" in ABOUT
2015-03-20 Mark TearleAutomatically generate version.h
2015-03-19 Mark TearleUpdate TODO vis version stuff ROMY
2015-03-19 Mark TearleAbstract Version out into header file and bump version
2015-03-19 Mark TearleFix bug in ROM vis display of periods on the display
2015-03-19 Mark TearleUpdate TODO with VFD display bug
2014-11-30 Mark TearleAdd list of TODOs for Snack ROM
2014-11-30 Mark TearleRename .cvsignore to .gitignore
2014-11-30 Mark TearleFix compiler warning around strlen not being defined
2014-11-30 Mark TearleRearrange code to work around compiler parsing bugs
2014-11-29 Mark TearleUpdate README to reflect new repository structure
2014-11-29 Mark TearleTIDYUP: Move original ROM and disassemblies to subdirectory
2014-11-29 Mark TearleTIDYUP: Remove scans about original CokeBrain new board...
2014-11-29 Mark TearleTIDYUP: Remove old notes about dispense, no longer...
2014-11-29 Mark TearleUpdate README to reflect new repository home UPLOAD-TO-UCCGIT
2014-11-29 Mark TearleAdd README-MOVED to note repository relocation to git IMPORT-FROM-UCCCVS
2005-05-24 Bernard BlackhamNew coke brain images/scans
2005-05-24 Bernard Blackhamsome more random reverse engineering never committed.
2004-06-26 Bernard BlackhamOptimisation tweaks X
2004-06-26 Bernard BlackhamNo reset on display
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamMake the default chime briefer
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamD'oh. Wrong silence code.
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamThere is no row 5
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamPrint entire command
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamPad out with zeros.
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamGet ready for the next burning.
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamGet it right
2004-06-24 Bernard BlackhamA bunch of UI glitches and silly errors. ROMW
2004-06-24 Nick BannonIgnore crctest
2004-06-24 Nick BannonBuild cvstest by default
2004-06-24 Bernard BlackhamForgotten :(
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamTweaks
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamGet rid of ack/nack code.
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamGeneral cruft removal
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamFor generating CRCs
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamMessage Integrity Checking
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamDont' show door events unless in standalone mode
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamA little sanity checker.
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamNo longer needed.
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamMore files
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamAnother
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamA different way of storing the ROM image.
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamMore versatile CRC function ... planned for auth
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamBugfixes
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamOops. This file not in cvs yet.
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamForgot this file.
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamStage without sha1.
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamMakefile tweaks
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamPut a useful filename there.
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamMagic support for simulator.
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamVerified typedefs
2004-06-23 Bernard BlackhamUse a precomputed CRC table for xmodem
2004-06-22 Bernard Blackhamxmodem support
2004-06-22 Bernard BlackhamLots of changes! Takes us to rom S
2004-06-22 Bernard BlackhamTo rom Q - COMPLETELY WORKS!
2004-06-21 Bernard BlackhamAccept both CR and LF to denote newline.
2004-06-21 Bernard BlackhamMore things to hopefully make this work.
2004-06-21 Bernard BlackhamBug fixes when buffer is full.
2004-06-21 Bernard BlackhamSpell some things out, but don't be quite so verbose...
2004-06-21 Bernard BlackhamMake a delay before testing home sensors
2004-06-21 Bernard BlackhamTo romP
2004-06-21 Bernard BlackhamTo romO
2004-06-21 Bernard BlackhamReference manual for M68HC11
2004-06-21 Bernard BlackhamBeginnings of serial interface
2004-06-21 Bernard BlackhamFix motor off by one errors.
2004-06-21 Bernard BlackhamTurn off soft registers. Make code to suit.
2004-06-21 Bernard BlackhamTo ROM J.
2004-06-20 Bernard BlackhamOnly turn on the column shift register output if we...
2004-06-20 Bernard BlackhamBit of logic shuffling.
2004-06-20 Bernard BlackhamCleanup and let gcc optimise the cases where row =...
2004-06-20 Bernard BlackhamA better fix for wacky gcc weirdness.
2004-06-20 Bernard BlackhamEnough wacky little fixes to get motors turning and...
2004-06-19 Bernard BlackhamBunch of silly errors & debugging stuff.
2003-08-22 jedinFIX: off by one error, when checking key bits
2003-08-17 Bernard BlackhamIgnorance file
2003-08-16 Bernard BlackhamFixed some more faulty logic
2003-08-16 Bernard BlackhamCommenting
2003-08-16 Bernard BlackhamCleaned up initializations
2003-08-16 Bernard BlackhamCleanup gcc compile warnings
2003-08-16 Bernard BlackhamFixed non-terminating logic of keypad decoder.
2003-08-16 jedinFIX: incorrect test for "no key pressed".
2003-08-15 Bernard BlackhamLong beep on start up
2003-08-15 Bernard BlackhamComments
2003-08-15 Bernard BlackhamOff-by-one errors
2003-08-15 Bernard BlackhamExport some functions that might be useful
2003-08-15 Bernard BlackhamRewrite of delay function
2003-08-15 Bernard BlackhamInterrupt masking logic was backwards
2003-08-15 Bernard Blackhamkeypad fix
2003-08-15 Bernard Blackhamminor tweaks
2003-08-15 jedinRemoved beep comment, beep earlier.
2003-08-15 jedinFIX: when reading key, was always getting key from...
2003-08-15 Bernard BlackhamMore bugfixes & initing
2003-08-15 Bernard BlackhamFinal workings
2003-08-15 Bernard BlackhamLast cleanup
2003-08-15 Bernard BlackhamMore cleanups
2003-08-15 Bernard BlackhamCleanups

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