2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickreally fix it
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickfix some logging bugs
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickmake syslog logging facility an option
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickmore logging, yay
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickwhitespace fix
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickfix up stupid debug message
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickdeath to stderr and print statements!
2004-08-01 Cameron Patricktweak log priorities
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickdo even more logging
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickdo more logging
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickmake syslog logging work
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickmore cleanups, started on nice logging framework
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickmore restructuring
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickadd daemonising code
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickmisc cleanups
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickadd new command line options for logging (which don...
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickfix bugs in last few commits
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickahh, decserver doesn't always echo
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickadd more debugging to write_expecting_echo
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickstart by reading
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickmisc foo
2004-08-01 Cameron Patricknew 'improved' (i.e. probably not working) code for...
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickadd signal handling code, misc cleanups
2004-08-01 Bernard BlackhamAnother cleanup
2004-08-01 Bernard BlackhamOnly su if we're root.
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickput in a generic exception handler
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickoops
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickmisc cleanups
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickrefactor config file parsing a bit
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickmove argument parsing out into a separate function
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickhandle config parser errors more nicely than just throw...
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickfix Bernard's indentation again
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickthrow an exception after rebooting server
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickcan't readline from a socket
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickmake error reporting a little more verbose
2004-08-01 Cameron Patricktidy up exception handling code
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickfix bernard's indentation
2004-08-01 Bernard BlackhamMake it keeping reconnecting forever.
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickadd new dec-server-rebooting options to example config...
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickread a bunch of extra options from the config file...
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickuse LATClientException not just Exception
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickbe able to reboot the DEC server when it dies
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickadd sample servers.conf to make testing on random machi...
2004-07-31 Cameron Patrickkeep going when the connection to the vending machine...
2004-07-31 Cameron Patrickmove code to connect to vending machine into a separate...
2004-07-31 Cameron Patrickadd command-line option for using a different config...
2004-07-31 Cameron Patrickclean up code a little, in preparation for automaticall...
2004-07-04 Mark Tearlesplit out idlers into Seperate file
2004-06-28 Bernard BlackhamMinor UI tweaks
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamWork on vending machine module
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamSlowed down for the benefit of the real vending machine.
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamHmm. avoid cycles.
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamFunkiness.
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamDoor works!
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamGroovy colours :)
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamRename door
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamPut label in an event box
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamAdd sensibility
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamMore fixes
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamUnused module
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamAllow disuse of DB
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamOOps
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamSmall bugfixes
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamA usable UI.
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamHmm. Probably dead anyway.
2004-06-27 Mark Tearlehorizontal scrolling snippet
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamPerhaps a little more sensibility.
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamStill oops
2004-06-27 Bernard Blackhamoops
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamUse SO_REUSEADDR.
2004-06-27 Mark Tearleminimal simulator working
2004-06-27 Mark Tearlestart of minimal functionality
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamSilence bug in ROM fixed.
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamD'oh. This was slowing it down like hell.
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamUse config parser
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamOops
2004-06-27 Mark TearleVirtual vend
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamHopefully make it more responsive. Untested.
2004-06-26 Bernard BlackhamResponsiveness bug.
2004-06-26 Bernard BlackhamUsable but ugly!
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamA UI on the vending machine.
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamStuff
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamStart of asynchronous support - reading database &...
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamSplit this code out.
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamNeed this :)
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamMost common functions
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamInitial allowance of unexpected responses
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamInitial stuff
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamSupport an external dropper.
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamInitial import
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamChanges
2004-06-24 Bernard BlackhamTest commit
2004-06-24 Bernard BlackhamInitial stuff

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