[PATCH] Attempted fix for occasional execv error
[progcomp2012.git] / judge /
2012-03-17 Sam Moore[PATCH] Attempted fix for occasional execv error
2012-03-04 Sam MooreAdd .plt templates for gnuplot
2012-03-04 Sam MooreAdded image output to manager, added plots to results...
2012-03-03 Sam MooreTweaking manager/simulate.py, updating manual and webpage
2012-03-02 Sam MooreFixed bug in simulate.py + hacky fix for bug in vixen
2012-03-02 Sam MooreMade printed board consistent with graphical board
2012-03-02 Sam MooreFixed bug with log files
2012-02-26 Sam Moore[PATCH] Allow Human_Controller to move scouts further
2012-02-02 Sam MooreAdded check for rubbish move multipliers
2012-02-02 Sam MooreChanged clear colour back to white
2012-02-02 Sam MooreDid some stuff
2012-01-21 Sam MooreWorked out networking
2012-01-19 Sam MooreSetup client and server properly
2012-01-19 Samuel Mooreipa not sfd
2012-01-18 Sam MooreBegan implementation of networking
2012-01-18 Sam Moorepause AI in opponent's turn (Temporary)
2012-01-12 Samuel MooreTrivial changes to webpage
2012-01-08 Samuel MooreAdded faq and Copyright notice
2012-01-06 Sam Moore[RULE CHANGE] "NO_MOVE" is no longer a legal
2011-12-24 Sam Moore[RULE CHANGE] *Victory by "attrition"* + Bug fixes
2011-12-24 Sam MooreTrivial
2011-12-24 Sam MooreBug in simulate.py caused by "INTERNAL_ERROR"
2011-12-23 Sam MooreAs suspected, it didn't work
2011-12-23 Sam MooreAdded build option to build "stratego" without graphics
2011-12-22 Sam MooreMoved manager manual page
2011-12-22 Sam MooreChanged directory structure (again)

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