Updated snack config to use `dispense iteminfo` for prices (goodbye config file)
[uccvend-vendserver.git] / sql-edition / servers / VendingMachine.py
2011-04-09 David AdamMIFARE: better logging, thanks to [TRS] I think
2008-02-29 Bernard BlackhamAdd enrolment.
2008-02-29 Bernard BlackhamWork from tonight:
2008-01-06 ACC Murphynote vis pyserial
2007-03-05 Bernard BlackhamPrice check on key 9 when not logged in.
2007-03-02 Bernard Blackhamfix bugs and solve world poverty.
2005-05-07 Bernard BlackhamAnd here's a reworking of the idler logic.
2005-04-05 Mark Tearlemore refactoring
2004-12-12 Bernard Blackhamdot fix
2004-12-12 Mark Tearlefixing door logic
2004-10-31 Bernard Blackhamfix stupid crypto bug
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickdeath to stderr and print statements!
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickfix bugs in last few commits
2004-08-01 Cameron Patrickfix Bernard's indentation again
2004-08-01 Bernard BlackhamMake it keeping reconnecting forever.
2004-07-31 Cameron Patrickclean up code a little, in preparation for automaticall...
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamUnused module
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamSilence bug in ROM fixed.
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamD'oh. This was slowing it down like hell.
2004-06-27 Bernard BlackhamHopefully make it more responsive. Untested.
2004-06-26 Bernard BlackhamUsable but ugly!
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamStart of asynchronous support - reading database &...
2004-06-25 Bernard BlackhamSplit this code out.

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