2014-08-14 Sam MooreAttempt Shading + Bezier Bounds (hopefully) correct
2014-08-14 Sam MooreMake bezier control point coordinates relative
2014-08-14 Sam MooreFix ymax in GROUP bounding box
2014-08-14 Sam MooreSVG tests are 100% less symlinky
2014-08-14 Sam MooreGroups are a thing and sort of have a bounding box now
2014-08-14 Sam MooreBezier bounds rectangles are calculated correctly
2014-08-13 David GowSupport some more SVG stuff.
2014-08-13 David GowClipping for RECT types. Breaks a little.
2014-08-13 David GowUse correct font metrics from truetype files.
2014-08-13 David GowAutomatically generate quadtree children.
2014-08-13 David GowI am an idiot: the quadtree code is now fixed.
2014-08-13 David GowA bunch of OpenGL debug annotations.
2014-08-12 Sam MooreSVG transforms now less broken
2014-08-12 David GowMerge branch 'master' of git.ucc.asn.au:ipdf/code
2014-08-12 David GowStill-broken quadtree shenanigans!
2014-08-12 Sam MooreOnly slightly totally broken SVG transformations
2014-08-12 Sam MooreSVG text and line elements
2014-08-12 Sam MooreMake adding text to the document easier
2014-08-12 Sam MooreDeal with groups in SVG parsing
2014-08-08 Sam MooreMerge branch 'master' of git://git.ucc.asn.au/ipdf...
2014-08-07 David GowYes, we do need to delete m_op somehow.
2014-08-07 David Gow"fixed" Rational::ToDouble().
2014-08-07 David GowFix compiling with Arbint/Gmpint rationals
2014-08-07 David GowFix SVG rendering of glyphs.svg
2014-08-07 David GowThe power of truetype font rendering!
2014-08-07 Sam MooreMake it work on Cabellera (again)
2014-08-07 Sam MooreMerge branch 'master' of git.ucc.asn.au:/ipdf/code
2014-08-07 Sam MooreCubic Beziers and more SVG stuff
2014-08-06 David GowMerge branch 'master' of git.ucc.asn.au:ipdf/code
2014-08-06 David GowSome QuadTree fixes.
2014-08-06 Sam MooreMerge branch 'master' of git.ucc.asn.au:/ipdf/code
2014-08-06 Sam MooreThe view size is not 640x480 and hasn't been for a...
2014-08-06 David GowQuadTree should segfault less frequently.
2014-08-05 David GowFix Bézier CPU rendering.
2014-08-05 David GowFix beziers on GPU.
2014-08-05 David GowFix a huge bunch of memory corruption bugs in GL
2014-08-05 David GowDon't try to unmap buffers which aren't mapped.
2014-08-05 Sam MoorePerpetrate SVG on the codebase
2014-08-04 Sam MooreCS Lab machines have met their nemesis
2014-08-04 Sam MooreApparently things were done
2014-08-03 Sam MooreRemove terrible "pow()" functions
2014-08-03 Sam MooreVFPU derpage fixed
2014-07-29 Sam MooreAdd VFPU::Float (but it is broken)
2014-07-29 Sam MooreUse "Real" in CPU renderer for filled circles
2014-07-25 Sam MooreGet it compiling on Cabellera (g++0x not c++11)
2014-07-23 David GowMore QuadTree code.
2014-07-16 David GowFix some quadtree rendering bugs.
2014-07-16 David GowQuadtree Rendering for CPU transorm+render
2014-07-15 David GowQuadTree Rendering with GPU coord transform.
2014-07-15 David GowWe should compile even if REAL is not 5
2014-07-14 David GowActually add the Quadtree coordinate code
2014-07-14 David GowQuadtree transforms
2014-07-07 David GowMerge branch 'master' of git.ucc.asn.au:ipdf/code
2014-07-07 David GowQuadtrees! (Almost)
2014-07-07 Sam MooreChange Rational<Arbint> -> Rational<Gmpint>
2014-07-07 Sam MooreNow with GNU MultiPrecision (GMP) integers
2014-07-07 David GowMerge branch 'master' of git.ucc.asn.au:ipdf/code
2014-07-07 David GowZooming is now sligtly less slow.
2014-07-07 Sam MooreC++11 lambdas - are they really worth it?
2014-07-07 David GowDivide some numbers by 5.
2014-07-07 David GowFix GPU rendering a bit. Will probably break >1 ob
2014-07-07 Sam MooreMerge branch 'master' of git.ucc.asn.au:/ipdf/code
2014-07-07 David GowClear the carry/borrow flag before add/sub
2014-07-07 Sam MooreArbint subtraction/addition deal with borrow/carry...
2014-07-07 Sam MooreArbint subtraction should work* now
2014-07-06 Sam MooreMore debugging, harder realops test
2014-07-06 David GowMaybe this is more correct. realops likes it.
2014-07-06 David Gowdigit_t is now unsigned, asm division for 1 digit
2014-07-06 David GowRational<Arbint> now passes realops.test
2014-07-06 Sam MooreArbint now does sign in division correctly
2014-07-06 Sam MooreMore testing particularly of negatives
2014-07-06 Sam MooreMerge branch 'master' of git.ucc.asn.au:/ipdf/code
2014-07-06 Sam MooreImproved "realops" tester
2014-07-06 Sam MooreSlightly less memory errors
2014-07-06 David GowFix a warning/compile error.
2014-07-06 Sam MooreHorribly unreliable Arbint's and Rational<Arbint>'s
2014-07-06 David GowSome initial QuadTree goodness.
2014-07-06 David GowRender object range on the CPU
2014-07-06 David GowRender part of a document (incorrectly) on the GPU
2014-07-06 David Gownow with fewer midnight-isms
2014-07-05 David GowThis might help: divide an arbint by a uint64
2014-07-05 Sam MooreAdd assembly sources to git
2014-07-05 Sam MooreDivision less buggy, still slow
2014-07-05 Sam MooreIt compiles... and runs with FPS of zero
2014-07-05 Sam MooreArbint class implemented
2014-07-05 Sam MooreInner step of multiplication in x64 assembly
2014-07-05 Sam MooreArbint class with += and -= operators
2014-07-04 David GowUse the lea instruction to reduce number of "inc"s
2014-07-04 Sam MooreMore moronic bugs
2014-07-04 Sam MooreArbitrary integer addition in x64 assembly
2014-07-04 Sam MooreMaybe don't use all of the lines. Or maybe do.
2014-07-04 Sam MooreMoronic bug identified, also Backtrace is a thing now
2014-06-30 Sam MooreRational representation
2014-06-30 David GowMaybe don't use all of the lines. Or maybe do.
2014-06-19 David GowFix the missing bit of GPU béziers.
2014-06-18 David GowBéziers on the GPU.
2014-06-18 Sam MooreThe Béziers are quadratic not cubic...
2014-06-18 Sam MooreBéziers
2014-06-17 Sam MoorePerformance graphs!
2014-06-17 Sam MoorePython script for plotting data using Gnuplot

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