2015-04-06 Mark TearleAlter display code to pad with spaces and simplify
2015-04-06 Mark TearleRemove dot twiddling on display
2015-04-05 Mitchell PomeryRemoved large chunks of unused code
2015-04-05 Mitchell PomeryMinor bug fixes to get it working
2015-04-05 Mitchell PomeryImplimenting the abstracted dispense class into the...
2015-04-05 Mitchell PomeryFix up dispense abstraction
2015-04-05 Mitchell PomeryLast few changes, confirmed working on vending machine
2015-04-05 Mitchell PomeryCreated VendServer Class
2015-04-05 Mitchell PomeryRearranging file and adding comments
2015-04-05 Mitchell PomeryRearrange File Slightly
2015-04-05 Mitchell PomeryAdded addCard to DispenseInterface
2015-04-05 Mitchell PomeryDispenseInterface and OpenDispense Implimentation creat...
2015-03-07 Mark TearleAdd entrypoint to setup.py for vendserver
2015-03-04 Mitchell PomeryFix bug were cards read before logging in cannot be...
2015-03-02 Mitchell PomeryMIFARE Reader only triggers once unless a new card...
2015-03-01 Mitchell PomeryFixed init script not working correctly
2015-03-01 Mitchell PomeryEnsure door opening triggers
2014-12-13 Mark TearleBUGFIX: Make FortuneIdler work as intended
2014-12-13 Mark TearleReorganise list of idlers
2014-12-13 Mark TearleModify idler selection algorithm
2014-12-13 Mark TearleTidy up Idler initialisation and affinity setting
2014-12-08 Mark TearleBUGFIX: FIx up strings in idler
2014-11-26 Mark TearleUpdate pizza supply information to Broadway Pizza
2014-11-15 Mark TearleAdd installation instructions vendserver-python-packaging
2014-11-15 Mark TearleAdd init script (from Bob)
2014-11-15 Mark TearleAdd python-ldap requirement
2014-11-15 Mark TearleUpdate setup.py and setup.cfg to reflect where VendServ...
2014-11-15 Mark TearlePython Packaging Initial Commit
2014-11-15 Mark TearleAdd LICENSE file
2014-11-15 Mark TearleAdd AUTHORS file
2014-11-08 Mark TearleRemove virtualvend due to bitrot. HACK-SLAH-BURN-ENDS
2014-11-08 Mark TearleMove VendServer code up a directory wholesale and rename
2014-11-08 Mark TearleRemove remaining bits of Bernard's postgres dispense
2014-11-08 Mark TearleFirst prune of top level directory HACK-SLASH-BURN-BEGINS
2014-11-08 David Adam... switch from popen2 to subprocess (fix deprecation warnings)
2014-11-08 David Adam... add .gitignore
2014-11-08 Mark TearleUpdate README with repository details UPLOAD-TO-UCCGIT
2014-11-08 Mark TearleMove README-MOVED to new filename
2014-11-08 Mark TearleAdd README-MOVED to note repository relocation to git IMPORT-FROM-UCCCVS
2013-08-24 John Hodgesubprocess.Popen, new pin code, disabled users, bugfixes
2013-01-27 ACC Murphy[TPG] Increased serial timeout to account for vend...
2013-01-27 ACC Murphy[TPG] Used 'dispense snack:<ID>' instead of 'dispense...
2013-01-12 John HodgeUpdated pin code to work off dispense server's copies
2011-09-15 ACC Murphy[TPG] Misc changes for new dispense
2011-05-04 John HodgeUpdated snack config to use `dispense iteminfo` for...
2011-05-04 John HodgeUpdated config locations for new machine (and MIFARE...
2011-04-09 David AdamUpdate for new dispense binary/syntax by [MRD]/[BOB...
2011-04-09 David AdamMIFARE: better logging, thanks to [TRS] I think
2011-04-09 David AdamBack out revision 1.3 & update for new password file...
2011-01-30 David AdamUse an anonymous LDAP bind to search for MIFARE cards...
2008-04-04 David Adamfix uidNumber for three/four digit uids
2008-02-29 Bernard BlackhamAdd enrolment.
2008-02-29 Bernard BlackhamWork from tonight:
2008-02-29 Bernard BlackhamUpdate mifare port. Add function to get uid.
2008-02-24 Mark Tearleadd menacing "FEED ME!"
2008-02-22 David AdamAdd MIFARE interface support, including LDAP layer.
2008-01-06 ACC Murphynote vis pyserial
2008-01-06 ACC MurphyLAT version changes
2008-01-06 ACC MurphyModified to remove direct manimpulation of serial port...
2007-03-05 Bernard BlackhamPrice check on key 9 when not logged in.
2007-03-02 Bernard Blackhamfix bugs and solve world poverty.
2006-04-18 ACC Murphyshift the exit code >>8
2006-04-18 Matt Johnstonuse "give oday $price" so we can prune dispense
2005-09-08 Bernard BlackhamFix autologout bug
2005-08-18 Matt Johnstonforgot a space
2005-08-18 Matt JohnstonPut the slot number after the drink name/price
2005-08-11 Matt Johnstonitem pricing works now
2005-08-11 Matt JohnstonExplicit snack support
2005-05-08 Bernard BlackhamStuff done
2005-05-07 Bernard BlackhamAnd here's a reworking of the idler logic.
2005-05-07 Bernard BlackhamA Greeting Idler
2005-05-07 Bernard BlackhamMake clock blink
2005-05-07 Bernard Blackhamchmod pin automatically. remove boot up message now...
2005-05-06 Bernard BlackhamRemove vending machine bootup time. Generate permutatio...
2005-05-06 Mark Tearledocument idlers and slow them down!
2005-05-02 Mark Tearlebug fixes
2005-04-30 Mark Tearlegrandfather clock
2005-04-29 Mark Tearlefix deprecation warning
2005-04-09 Mark TearleMajor surgery mostly complete
2005-04-05 Mark Tearlemore refactoring
2005-04-04 Mark Tearlestart of refactoring
2005-03-02 Mark Tearlenotes for later
2004-12-23 Grahame Bowland * DoorClient.py; cleaned up and has an alarm timeout...
2004-12-23 Grahame Bowland * add door client
2004-12-12 Bernard Blackhamremove passwd idler
2004-12-12 Bernard Blackhamoops
2004-12-12 Bernard Blackhamdot fix
2004-12-12 Bernard Blackhamcreate pipe idler
2004-12-12 Mark Tearleadded pizza
2004-12-12 Mark Tearlefixing door logic
2004-12-07 Mark TearleFix the code to connect to the virtual vend thing again
2004-10-31 Bernard Blackhamallow dispensing of actual snacks.
2004-10-31 Bernard Blackhamfix stupid crypto bug
2004-10-25 Bernard BlackhamHack to utilise the serial port. Needs cleaning up.
2004-10-01 Mark TearleAdded FileIdler
2004-09-30 Mark TearleAttempt at a fairer idler chooser
2004-09-30 Mark Tearlefortune Idler
2004-09-29 Mark Tearleone shot stuff done
2004-09-29 Mark Tearleadd support for one shot Idlers
2004-09-29 Mark TearleToggle wraparound logic ... I think it was the wrong...

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